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Products Unique as YOU! Unique, one-of-a-kind products for all parts of your life! Home, Auto, Wellness, Fashion, Household helpers & Gifts for everyone on your list!
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Start Selling Today! Earn extra income, enjoy product discounts
up to 45% plus exclusive rewards and prizes!

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Fundraising Raise more money for the organizations that are important to you! Regal fundraisers are easy because we provide you with all the tools for success!
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If you are interested in becoming an Independent Regal Representative, you can learn more about this business opportunity here!
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Raise more money for the organizations that are important to you! Regal fundraisers are easy because we provide you with all the tools for success!
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Brenda says

"I started my Regal Gifts business back in 1997, just after my daughter was born. What I absolutely love about my Regal Gifts business is when I want it to grow it, it is so easy to do so with all of the tools Regal Gifts provides their representatives. The mailing program in combination with my web-store has grown my business by leaps and bounds with almost no effort. Regal has taken a decades old Canadian tradition and has brought it to the modern lifestyle we all need. Thank you Regal for allowing me to run My business My way, while still having family time. "

Susan says

"Mom sold Regal Gifts when I was a child. I loved the Mystery Boxes and when they would arrive it was like Christmas morning excitement going through the items in the box. Those are my first memories of Regal Gifts. When I had our first child I wanted to be a stay at home Mom but still wanted a bit of an income. Regal Gifts is the first thing that came to mind. Then child #2 & #3 came along and Regal still fit nicely into our family. Fast forward 32 years down the road and I never thought I would be one of the top 10 Reps in 2012. When I get my Regal Gifts deliveries I still feel that anticipation & excitement as I felt as a child opening up the boxes to check out what's in the each box. "

Pam says

"For over 40 years, Regal Gifts has been part of my family tradition, beginning with my grandmother and aunt and continuing with me. As a child, during the holidays, I loved receiving gifts with my name on them. Now being a Regal representative myself, I feel part of a wider family that welcomes and supports my efforts. I am able to supplement my income through Regal's generous earning opportunities. This is made possible by offering so many unique and affordable items and the products essentially sell themselves. As well, many of my customers have fond memories of Regal Gifts being part of their families’ experience. I look forward to continuing what has become a lifelong association. "

Judy says

"As a young bride 51 years ago, I discovered Regal Gifts through a magazine advertisement. To supplement my husband's barbering profession, I started with selling to a few of my friends, relatives and neighbours. Before I knew it, I was at a fairly good income. I will admit now, after 50 years, I am my own best customer as I love the products that are available. Now in my senior years, I find I can't give it up and look forward to new items and new customers. What a great company."