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Start a Fundraiser

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*Based on your start date and Regal's experience, an appropriate close date will be chosen. To generate the most sales for your cause, the close date will coincide with the end of a month.

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Add your Logo

Want to include your organization’s logo on your free personalized Fundraising Web Store?

OR you can simply email it to along with your name and organization name. IMPORTANT: All logos supplied must be in JPEG format.

Terms & Conditions:


  • All orders are to be processed through the personalized webstore that Regal develops for your campaign.

Shipping Rates

  • Orders under $100 - $6.50
  • Orders over $100 - 6.5% of order value
  • *If you live in an area that requires Air Stage the following charges apply : Minimum charge of $20.00 or 15% of the order for orders over $400.


  • Your supporters can process exchanges through our special online Exchange Centre. Refunds can be requested through the Centre as long your campaign is open. After your campaign closes we can only process exchanges.

End of Campaign

  • Your site will be deactivated and we will notify you of the profit earned.
  • Catalogues are FREE when your campaign exceeds sales of $150. In the event that your campaign does not reach this minimum goal, Regal reserves the right to hold the profits and to charge the organization for all sales material and related shipping costs.
  • Payments will be issued within the following month after close.

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