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Body Lotion Applicator - Long-Handled

Use this body lotion applicator to massage lotion smoothly and evenly into your skin. Simply fill the applicator with any lotion or bath soap and let the 19 floating balls on the head massage your muscles as you relax. The applicator features a massaging head that can be filled with lotion, an extra long handle for those hard to reach places, and an air-tight clear cover to keep the applicator head from drying out.

SKU# JBR3747

Product Code: JBR3747
Additional Information
Dimensions: Applicator head: 3¾"Dia; handle: 17½"L

Instructions: To use, open the applicator head and fill it with your preferred lotion. Close the head and use the applicator's extra-long handle to dispense and massage the lotion evenly in hard to reach places. When finished, place the air-tight clear cover over the head of the applicator to keep the solution inside from drying out.

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  • Just what I was looking for
    By Christa
    Posted 2018-05-14
    Actually thought of inventing this myself when I became single. Works good, just have to be careful when cleaning it as the balls pop out and would be very easy to lose. Plug the drain! Great product otherwise.
  • Good Product
    By Kaye
    Posted 2018-05-07
    This product is a general favourite, although I’ve had to do a bit of a ‘quality control’ test before delivering them. I check to make sure that the balls roll freely and that they don’t pop out

    I also encourage the customer to choose a lotion or soap that is not too thick so that it will roll onto the balls better
  • Great!!
    By Kaye
    Posted 2018-04-22
    This product has been a good seller for me for years. Recently I've had trouble with the little balls falling out, but I make sure I do 'quality control check' before I deliver.

    It works best if you don't use too thick of a lotion