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Decalcifier - Multi-purpose

by Durgol
This multi-purpose decalcifier delivers efficient results for countless household tasks -- the decalcifier effortlessly removes calcium and lime build-up and deposits from clogged coffee makers, stained tiles, clogged kitchen faucets, and shower heads. The simple-to-use cleaner can also be used to safely and easily eliminate water marks on most washable surfaces. Use the decalcifier to restore the shine to ceramic surfaces and counter tops; shower heads and faucets are easily unclogged and remain free flowing, and steam irons, flower vases, pots and pans, irons, and humidifiers can all be rejuvenated. The decalcifier is food-safe and environmentally friendly.

SKU# FL0296

500 millilitre/16.9 fluid ounce bottle
Product Code: FL0296
Additional Information
This product is packaged in 100% recyclable PET plastic bottles.

Product of Switzerland


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