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Popcorn Popper - Silver

by Wabash Valley Farms - Whirley Pop
For the true popcorn lover who wants perfect popcorn every time. Only the Genuine Whirley-Pop Original Hand-Cranked Popping Machine pops up popcorn the way professionals do (like movie theatres). The unique hand-cranked stirring paddle coats each kernel evenly for great taste with less oil. The aluminum pan and stainless steel stirring system create high heat and prevent burning so every kernel pops up to 42 times its original size. Built in steam vents eliminate soggy popcorn and make every bite light and crispy. Hardwood handles stay cool. Includes a pouch of real theatre popcorn (makes 6 quarts of popcorn) and instruction and recipe guide.

SKU# WV25008

Size: 6 qt Colour/Pattern: Silver Capacity: 6 quarts/5.7 litres
Product Code: WV25008
Additional Information
Materials: Aluminum pan with stainless steel stirrer
Warranty: 25 years
Product of China

Note: Not suitable for use on induction stovetops.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Made it for the first time and it was great. Very similar to theater popcorn. Salt and butter this is for you. Great price and easy to use.
  • 5 stars out of 5
    By Barbara
    Posted 2017-03-02
    Worth every penny!!! I have wasted way more than $39.95 trying to find a good popcorn maker. Earlier today I "seasoned" the popper as per the instructions (just as you would do with a new cast iron frying pan).

    To give it a good test, this evening I used cheap, cheap kernels that had been in my cupboard for over 2 years (although the instructions say to use gourmet popcorn only). Very few kernels remained unpopped which is unusual with such a cheap popcorn. All the kernels that popped were very light and fluffy.

    I love popcorn but had sort of given up on finding a good one and my arthritis doesn't often let me do the "shake the pan thing" on the stove. When I saw this one in the catalogue, I knew I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did!!