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Spray & Foam Cleaner

This spray & foam cleaner works on most hard surfaces to remove mineral deposits, oil and grease, rust stains, and everyday grime. The cleaner comes in an ergonomically friendly plastic bottle with a pump-style nozzle head that allows the cleaner to be used upside down for those hard to reach places. The unique nozzle allows for either a spray application or a foam application.

SKU# BK1172

25.4 ounce/750 millilitre spray bottle Size: 750 mL
Product Code: BK1172
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    By Ambassador
    Posted 2017-02-27
    Purchased this item for myself. This is an awesome cleaner for stainless steet, chrome and if you are on a well and get those nasty water stains it removes them very well! I would highly recommend this product to my customers !